About Claro


“Claro” means clarity and focus; The clarity and focus necessary to be New Zealand’s specialist health sector law firm and to achieve the goal of being a centre of excellence in the provision of health law.

We are a team of legally trained health sector people who:

  • specialise in the health sector and the health sector alone
  • believe in prevention as much as cure
  • are committed to practical, self-help solutions.

Claro’s uniqueness is as much in how we practise law as in our specialisation in health law. Our approach is based on a strong belief that legal knowledge is at its best when applied before things go wrong. In addition to minimising disputes and litigation, we aim to use the law to create value, do what is right, build a solid foundation for business development, and safeguard the relationships that clients have with others.

To use a medical analogy, we seek to promote well-being as much as to address ill-health. The goal is to embed legal knowledge and skills in clients’ strategies and everyday actions to actively promote business success, ensure desired outcomes, and balance risk with reward.

Where things do escalate, and litigation or dispute resolution on a health law issue is unavoidable, there is no firm in New Zealand better equipped to help.