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Let’s talk about………[name suppressed]

Catey Boyce and Anita Miller What (if anything) can you do if you hear that a health professional that you employ has been convicted of a criminal offence but has been given ‘name suppression’? What are your responsibilities if you

It’s a wrap!

  With Christmas 4 sleeps away, end of year work deadlines are looming; not to mention final shopping to be done, social functions to attend and turkeys to cook.  But stop for a minute, take a deep breath, hold it

Why is this investigation taking so long?

Jonathan Coates It’s a question we are asked almost daily. Why is the Health and Disability Commissioner taking so long to investigate?  Why does it take so much time before an inquest can be held?  Why is the Professional Conduct

Knock, knock. Who’s there? The Commerce Commission

Aisling Weir and Sonya Hill “Standard form consumer contracts.” Those terms might be unfamiliar but you will definitely have signed these types of contracts before. They are essentially the “take it or leave it” contracts that we sign when we