Megan Purves

Policy and Project Adviser BA, MPhil (Social Policy)

Megan started her career in health regulation at the Medical Council in 2005. She isn’t a lawyer but uses her experience to assist Claro’s clients with projects such as policy and process development, and to cover leaves of absence or transition periods where knowledgeable assistance is required. Excellent research, writing, communication and leadership skills are at the top of Megan’s skill set.

“There is widespread agreement that a high-functioning healthcare system is necessary. However, the stakeholders (government, authorities, providers, practitioners and consumers) often have different views on what a great healthcare system entails and how to allocate resources. I try to understand everyone’s roles and priorities when working on a project.”

Megan’s experience includes:
  • Researching current international best practice for accreditation. The research, and previous accreditation work experience, were then used to review and revise standards of accreditation for a regulatory authority.
  • Researching and drafting new policy on the management of cases where a professional conduct committee has recommended that the authority review the practitioner’s scope of practice under section 80(2)(c) of the HPCAA.
  • Managed the New Zealand office for a medical college for a limited time. This included leading the team, executing core business and evaluating the business capacity of the New Zealand office.
  • Updating the policy and process for recognising new scopes of practice, as well as accrediting the related training and recertification programmes.
  • Extensive experience with board and committee support, including drafting of agenda papers and minutes.
  • Managing an examination for international graduates wishing to work in New Zealand. This included facilitating the exam writing process, organisation of cases, documentation and candidate liaison.
  • Led an operational team for a large regulatory authority for 2 years.
  • Organising annual educational workshops for more than 400 stakeholders. This included hosting and facilitating the day, writing agenda and presentations, and developing new interactive training sessions to facilitate learning and improve stakeholder relationships.
  • Introducing and drafting a quarterly newsletter for stakeholders.
  • Working as part of a team to revise and implement changes to an English language policy applicable to practitioners applying for registration in New Zealand.
  • Extensive experience drafting and revising documents for external consumption so they provide the best possible guidance to stakeholders and applicants. This includes application forms and information documents, such as pamphlets and handbooks.
  • Working with the HPCAA, including drafting and implementing policies and processes that are HPCAA compliant.


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