Patrick Wynne

Solicitor LLB

Patrick joined Claro in October 2018. Having graduated from The University of Otago in 2017, Patrick decided that the health sector piqued his interest. Patrick comes from a family of health practitioners so the decision to combine the medical jargon he grew up with and his legal skills made sense. Patrick’s previous experience in a busy Christchurch firm has taught him the core skills of communication, pragmatism and diligence – skills that he endeavours to apply in all of his work at Claro.

Based in his hometown of Christchurch, Patrick says of working at Claro: “New Zealand has such an incredibly unique health system – a system in which every member of our society is entitled to receive its benefits. With such a unique system, inherently we see unique difficulties; it is therefore up to the people with good knowledge of the relevant laws to help those at the coalface work through these difficulties, so that we can all continue to receive access to quality health care.”



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