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Claro launches Clarify – online legal education for NZ’s health sector

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We’re excited to announce the launch of Clarify, New Zealand’s first online training service designed to help health professionals minimise avoidable mishaps through a better understanding of health law.   Clarify provides a way for regulators and employers to ensure that those over whom they have oversight understand their legal and ethical obligations.

Health professionals work at the crossroads of health and the law, and many negative outcomes can be prevented with greater awareness of regulatory requirements.  Traditional on-the-job training in the health sector can require considerable commitment of time and money in the face of existing workload pressures. This, in turn, can create unnecessary risk for the approx. 150,000 regulated and non-regulated health professionals working in the sector, their employers, and, ultimately, patients.

Clarify aims to be an inexpensive and convenient way for health professionals to keep abreast of their legal obligations. Featuring senior members of Claro’s team presenting on different aspects of health law, the six online tutorials each include an online test and certification which can be used for CPD and other purposes such as employment inductions, and individual upskilling, etc.

The first six modules cover:

  • An overview of New Zealand health law
  • Obligations of health practitioners under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act
  • Health information privacy
  • The law and informed consent
  • Maintaining professional boundaries
  • Treating incompetent patients

More modules will be added as demand requires – and we welcome suggestions on issues that users would like us to cover.

The NZ Artificial Limb Service and the Midwifery Council of New Zealand are early adopters of Clarify.  The Midwifery Council has already endorsed Clarify as a provider of continuing midwifery education, and the NZALS says of it:

“The New Zealand Artificial Limb Service has been an early adopter of Clarify’s e-learning modules. We are committed to ensuring our expert workforce are appropriately trained and supported to get the best outcomes for the people we care for.  This includes understanding their legal and ethical obligations when dealing with patients.

 As an employer of health professionals, we like Clarify’s certification process – which provides senior management with a way to assure the organisation that our team understand the key issues they need to be across and a formal record of their compliance. “ Sean Gray, CEO, NZALS

We are also talking with a range of other groups about how Clarify might assist them in ensuring health professionals understand their legal obligations.

As part of the launch, we are offering a special introductory price of $55 per module – the full price of $85 will begin from 1 November 2018.

For further information, check out or email us at 

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