Health technology and telehealth

Health technology is playing an ever-expanding role in the way that people interact with health professionals, obtain diagnoses and manage their recover from illnesses and injuries.

More and more, people are asking whether it is really necessary to travel to see their GP, get a prescription filled or go to follow-up appointments with their physio, and wondering whether there is another way to interface with their health professionals.  For that reason, and especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth and health technology are receiving more attention and investment.

When it comes to Health technology and telehealth:

  • Engaging independent health practitioners to provide services as part of the provider’s offering will not completely shield the provider from responsibility.
  • The flow of patient information and the number of entities involved in that flow will dictate many of the provider’s compliance obligations.
  • Telehealth is an area in flux.
We work with the following groups on Health technology and telehealth:

Examples of work done by Claro lawyers

Assisting a biotechnology company to establish a business in New Zealand that offers testing of patients’ tumour cells (to determine which chemo drugs will be most effective).

Developing and negotiating a contract for the pilot and then roll-out of an e-prescribing system across multiple DHBs.

Advising on telehealth statements and guidance issued by health professional regulators (such as the Medical Council of New Zealand) and medical and surgical colleges.

Working with DHBs and shared services agencies to implement a range of health related software including for radiology images and reporting, and infection prevention.

Our Health technology and telehealth experts

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