Health technology innovators

We work with app designers, entrepreneurs, health care providers and biotechnology companies to bridge the gap between a brilliant idea and getting a fully realised product to market.

We are a one-stop shop for assistance in navigating the complex landscape of the health sector – from advice about health information regulation and the professional and regulatory obligations on health professionals and providers, to assistance preparing contracts and documentation that meet the requirements of consumer protection legislation and reflect intellectual property and other commercial considerations.

We work with Health technology innovators on work relating to:

Examples of work done by Claro lawyers

Assisting to establish various online only clinics including one specialising in treating men’s bedroom challenges.

Helping to establish New Zealand’s first full service digital pharmacy.

Assisting with the establishment of an app-based skin-spot checking service.

Advising on the establishment of an online medicinal cannabis clinic.

Ethics approval.  Advising on requirements around obtaining approval from ethics committees.

Our Health technology innovators experts

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